Family Sessions

Whether you are about to embark on the journey of parenthood, or are already in the thick of it, I appreciate you being here. The only thing more priceless than your family’s memories, are the photographs that will be left behind. I see the way you cradle your newborn and breathe in that baby fresh scent. I see your children look at you like you’re the light of their lives. I see their giant hugs. Their toothy big grins. I see you soaking up every single moment you can. I know you’ve memorized every detail. As a parent myself, I am doing the exact same thing


Day by day it seems as if nothing changes, yet one day you wake up and realize that everything is different. Photographs are so much more than a record of what you look like or an updated photo to slap on a holiday card – they are moments frozen in time of the people you love most dearly. That’s where I come in. I am such a sentimental person, Working with me I want to bottle up those seemingly ordinary moments for  (spoiler alert…that actually end up being significant) for you to keep forever.

As a mother myself, my most precious belongings are the photographs I have of my kids & family. Even years later, they immediately take me back to that place in time that seems like only yesterday.

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing the images we create during our session together will be treasured forever.